Robert W. Duggan: Keeping The American Dream Alive

Robert W. "Bob" Duggan continues to keep the American dream alive with his keen business sense and savvy. With a dedication to entrepreneurship, inspired innovations and hard work, Duggan is a shining example of what American dreams are made of.

Like so many other American innovators, the secrets of Duggan's success weren't necessarily found in a classroom setting. The future billionaire studied at both the University of California Santa Barbara and UCLA, and although he not yet held a degree with the name "Robert W. Duggan" in his hands, Bob is an excellent example (along with Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and others) that chose to forgo a degree for the pursuit of business opportunities. 

That didn't stop him from finding his fortune, however. Robert W. Duggan has founded, grown and sold many businesses over the course of several decades. These businesses have been in many different industries, ranging from baking to investing, marketing and now medicine. This diversity has given Duggan a vast background of experience to draw on.

“This is the time to be in the business,” Duggan told Forbes Magazine in an interview. “You build a company up, and you have resources and an engine of capacity to execute, because of its vision, leadership and execution.”

While many in Duggan's position would be leery of sharing the secrets of their success, Bob is nothing if not enthusiastic about other young entrepreneurs following his lead. He was recently featured in a Huffington Post article outlining some of the business secrets and tricks that have helped him become a success story.

"Robert W. Duggan attributes his success as a CEO to surrounding himself with great people," writes David Jensen. "In addition to that, treating co-workers with respect and making everyone accountable to not only themselves but also the rest of the team has driven results."

While Duggan certainly places an emphasis on hard work and dedication, it is his devotion to assembling and leading a great team that has helped make him an American success story. His lesson to young people aspiring to find success is to not only work hard, but to work well with others.

"Success in life and especially business, is dependent on relationships," Jensen writes. If anyone is proof that this outlook will yield amazing results, both personally and professionally, it's Robert W. Duggan. With a resume of phenomenal business endeavors and a roster of people who are better having worked with him, Bob is a shining example of what it means to keep the American dream alive.